• SAFE: Protects against accidental amputation of Glans Penis and other injuries.
  • EASY: Requires minimal training
  • FAST: Fast circumcision procedure as compared to normal method
  • USE ANYWHERE: Can be used anywhere e.g. at home, road-sides or in the bush without fear of infections from non-hygienic places.
  • NO CAUTERIZATION: No cauterization or other harmful agents are necessary
  • BLOODLESS: There is no bleeding during and after the surgery.
  • NO SUTURES: No sutures are necessary.
  • NO LIGATURES: No ligatures are necessary
  • NO BANDAGES: No bandages are necessary as there is no post-surgical bleeding or oozing.
  • NO AGE RESTRICTIONS: Can be used from infants to adults.
  • NO INFECTIONS: Because no open wound is created, it safeguards against elements in the external environment.
  • NO CROSS-INFECTIONS: Protects against cross-infections between circumcisor and patient during the surgery e.g. HIV, Hepatitis etc.
  • PRE-STERILIZED AND USE ONCE ONLY: Risk of cross-infections e.g. HIV, hepatitis etc, from inadequately sterilized re-usable instruments eliminated.
  • IMMEDIATE RETURN TO ROUTINE: Patient can move about and may return to work immediately after circumcision.
  • NO BATHING RESTRICTIONS: Patient may have his bath or shower immediately after circumcision.
  • GOOD COSMETIC RESULT: When healed, the circumcision results in a uniformly and evenly cut and cosmetically pleasing appearance
  • NATIONAL COSTS REDUCED: The Overall National Economic considerations on circumcision cost etc., are also improved considerably.
  • INDIVIDUAL BENEFITS: Expenses saved and inconvenience avoided.


Circumcision is one of the most common surgeries performed all over the world. It is generally performed either in a surgical THEATRE, at home or as in some countries even at the roadsides or in the bush etc.

Circumcision methods vary in different regions and problems e.g. infections, accidental amputations of the glans penis, bleeding etc. continue to occur. This happens even in circumcisions performed in an operating THEATRE. This research identified that most of these problems continue to occur because in all the circumcisions methods or devices invented so far, the surgery is of invasive type.

This invention enables circumcisions to be performed not only safely and easily but also ----- for the first time in surgical history ----- enables circumcisions to be performed just as aseptically, at home, on the roadsides or out there in the bush, as in an operating THEATRE. These problems are prevented because the surgery performed by this device is of non-invasive type.